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Is it possible with all the modding going on that a new command can be added, that lists the text file of warps, maybe a simple script or something, it's just a slight annoyance having to go elsewhere to find warp points, to look around, not that I have done a great deal of that. I spend most of my time as a cave dweller, and lately a waterboy.

I assume you would have to publish the warp list in the pub forum, unless you only want TOGgers to see the list. Can you also only allow people in the different groups access to the listwarps command? Eg only allow TOG group and above levels access to listwarps. Me personally, I don't care if people see my warp lists and come look around.

Please do not take tp away, it would reduce some fun. My daughter and I often tp to each other to see what each other is up to, and those moments of people's excitement when they say "OMGWTF look at this" you just have to tp and look!

p.s. I assume there is also a deletewarp or renamewarp type command? Delete and recreate?
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