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The issue with secret warps is that they could be misued.
It is really no different to how it is now. Someone could create a warp when they /tp to someone now.... I can't see how publishing warps on a map and making a "secret" one that doesn't, has any affect at all on people's ability to create warps when they /tp to someone. As it is now, the only way you'd know it was there is if it appeared in the /listwarps.... which it seems not all warps do anyway.

My vote would be to Have all warps listed on the map (except "secret" warps)... better if we could have a toggle for warps shown or not, so that those warp-haters can look at the uncluttered map and those warp-lovers can marvel at how many we have

and....I'm divided on the /listwarps issue...

if we can get the coding for /listwarps to ignore secret ones - then that would be good, so we can keep it, but the secret warp society can breathe easier........if we can't have secret warps ignored by /listwarps.....then I think I'd like to keep the command active anyway. I think it's useful to have in game so you don't need to open a browser.... and if people want to create secret warps to be secretive, then they have to deal with the fact some people might go there - just as they might go there now, since it is an open game... and really, the only reason I can see for wanting a secret warp is to warp to a secret stash of something..... which can be hidden in other ways.... but I do sort of see that it would be nice to be able to add a secret warp...

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