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Originally Posted by Mighty Brush View Post
Horrible idea IMO.
Why don't we do the reverse, make warps with "public." as visible by default?

Or can you make both "secret." and "mighty." hidden by default?
We have already argued about this. If we have ten thousand different types of warps, it will become unmanageable and unusable.

* NAME.claim is added to the map
* warps listed on the warps thread ( are added
* All other warps are not added to the map

Nice and simple

Proposed changes:
* secret.TITLE is not added to the map
* all other warps are added

Nice and simple

It is near impossible to keep Works-in-Progress secret regardless of whether they have a warp or not. The only way to hide them is to prevent people walking into them without mining.

I have plans in progress in my mountain which I want to hide until finished. Consequently, I don't make a warp there. Instead, I make a warp to paths and holes that will take me there, and make them hard to find, or hide them behind stones. Secret warp problem and secret WIP problem solved without changing anything.

I too would like some in-game way to access lists of warps, so I would like /listwarps to stay in some form.

/tp has to stay. There is a lot of resource sharing and it will be impossible if people can't /tp to each other to give away their spare stacks of glass/cobblestones/water etc.

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