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Originally Posted by Sorontar View Post
We have already argued about this. If we have ten thousand different types of warps, it will become unmanageable and unusable.
You might have argued about this, I haven't. Why would there be ten thousand different kinds of warps?

BTW: /tp has nothing to do with this - this thread is about warps isn't it?

Originally Posted by Sorontar View Post
* NAME.claim is added to the map
* warps listed on the warps thread ( are added
* All other warps are not added to the map

Nice and simple

Proposed changes:
* secret.TITLE is not added to the map
* all other warps are added

Nice and simple
Isn't opt-in not opt-out simpler?

With Opt-in people can add whatever warps they want. The admin overhead is the same, as you could do it through a similar process like public.TITLE.

Opt-in is always a better solution than opt-out.
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