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Originally Posted by Mighty Brush View Post
You might have argued about this, I haven't. Why would there be ten thousand different kinds of warps?
I tried to find the original discussion for you, but can't .... I need a warp to it. However, in it some were suggesting that we have some system like:

BTW: /tp has nothing to do with this - this thread is about warps isn't it?
Yes, but someone early on had expressed an opinion about /tp as well.

Isn't opt-in not opt-out simpler?
With Opt-in people can add whatever warps they want. The admin overhead is the same, as you could do it through a similar process like public.TITLE.
Opt-in is always a better solution than opt-out.
We presently have an opt-in system. If you want your warp to be publicly advertised, you mention it on the warps thread, Obsi will kindly add it to the thread's list and it will be extracted and used on the map. If you don't want a warp advertised, then don't put it on the thread. NAME.claim is the only warp I believe that is automatically extracted from the file of warps.

I believe that Exe is suggesting that a lot of people aren't including warps that would be helpful to others. I know I haven't included at least 4 or 5 warps from my explorations because they are temporary. However, they may end up being helpful to others if they appeared on the map. Therefore, Exe's idea has advantages.

Mind you it also has disadvantages. I also have various warps around my mountain that are pretty uninteresting, but that's the way the cookie crumbles.

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