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Default Call of Duty : Black Ops Review

Now this is a minor review, as I haven't played more then around 8 matches of Multiplayer, and have not touched single player. My friend bought it and we went to the midnight release for his, so we came back to my place to play a few rounds before he went home to sleep.

Compared to Modern Warfare 2, the game feels more....I would almost declare User Friendly, with the credit system unlock pattern of unlocking weapons, attachments, and perks, it feels like a choose your own adventure style of gameplay where you decide what you unlock and when. My first purchase using the credit system was the M16 Red Dot sight, and it improved my gaming experience right away. Where normally in MW2, you would need to get so many kills first with that weapon to unlock the attachment, you can now use any weapon that you have unlocked, and buy a attachment with the credits earned from the kills to buy attachments for other weapons. In this, You may find yourself using a different gun due to ease of use via Iron Sights vs the gun that you feel requires a actual form of "scope" or "aiming ridicule" and then switching over to the better gun, once you can buy the attachment for it. Keeping with my enjoyment of using the 3 round burst, I unlocked the ACOG scope, which is kinda like a low powered sniper scope, again was able to feel right at home compared to MW2 gameplay. This alone is a massive improvement for gameplay.

But then, The graphics and level layout of this game are in a entirely different category compared to MW2. Jungle, which is the level name, seems simply said a jungle, but it actually is broken into various different environments. Sure, the entire thing is jungle with vines and vegetation everywhere, but they have burnt huts,other various old temple structures, and mountain passes to walk around giving it a very multi layered experience. I feel this game looks amazing, and seems like the best looking shooter on 360 currently.

The other levels, also feel very layered, with lots of places to run around, get around people. Camping, while its still is possible in gameplay, requires a bit more movement to accomplish properly as there is normally many different paths leading to various sections of areas. So sure, sitting in a corner, waiting for someone to pass still works, but don't be to surprised if after the first 2 kills, they decide to flank in a different way.

I am not sure if they have newb tubes, and how this will play out in the grand scheme of things, Hopefully they won't be as cheap as MW2 if they are still in it. But We also have Flame Thrower Attachments now, and other very fun toys to play with.

I was skeptical, thinking the game was going to suck, or I wasn't going to be able to keep up with others, but my first matches I didn't find one thing to complain about...and I am normally very critical of games. Black Ops, looks like it may shape up to be my new shooter of choice...just as soon as I find the 60 dollars to throw down on to it.

Any specific questions, ask and I may be able to answer.
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