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1. What is Minecraft?

If you don’t know what Minecraft is


Not sure if it’s a game for you, then head over to our "Intro to Minecraft (the game)" and “Minecrafting 101” Stickies.

2. How to Join the TOG Minecraft Community?

The TOG Minecraft Division is a part of The Older Gamers community, and as such it is focussed on catering to gamers 25 years and over. Should you fall into that category we encourage you to consider joining TOG.

That said, we have a number of unofficial “Friends of TOG” who actively game on our server and post here in the public section of the site. If you don’t qualify for TOG membership or don’t wish to join, then by all means feel free to register on this forum only and join our discussions of the game and our servers.

3. Who’s Who?

Division Captain:

  • "Delegator Extraordinaire" and “the buck stops here” guy.
Division Vice Captain: Gedarn
  • The second-in-charge who helps keep the Division a happening place, man of many Names, Buildier of strange.
Allied World Architects: Misnik, Mavelmaniac, Deep
  • If you want to try a different flavour of Minecraft, these Architects have got new worlds to show you.

Spleef Officers: Espesh & Hoathy
  • Want to try your tools at a game of Spleef, or even just find out what it is. See what our Spleef supremos can organise for you.
Hunger Games Coordinator: HenriDeacon
  • In the ultimate game of survival of the fittest, the coordinator controls all, even the sponsors. Perhaps you have a new scenario for him to run or would you like to be a participant.

Unofficial Founder: QuirkyMonsta (Fate)
  • The guy who kick started this place by opening up his personal server, inviting us to visit, and laying the ground work for our server access permissions system. He’s the reason we got organised enough to eventually move to becoming a Division.

Previous DCs: Thermal Ions, Sorontar
  • The bold men who held us together and organised the rules and servers that became the Division.

Our Players: You
  • Without which this place would be really boring.

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