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6. Registering to Play on the TOG Minecraft Server

Due to the unique nature of the Minecraft game where griefing has an impact far in excess of that experienced in the likes of a FPS or even MMO, the TOG server operates on the basis of a whitelist and group access permissions (see further down for details on the group permissions). Prospective players can apply for access (in the "Apply for Server Access Here" sticky) and their applications will be processed in-line with the below policy Approved players will be placed in either the TOG, VIP or JrVIP groups.

TOG Members > 6 months ..................... TOG Group
Those who have held active TOG membership for greater than 6 months, and deemed to be in good standing by the server admins / DC. Active membership being defined as regular TOG forum posters and/or active players in other TOG Divisions. This will be confirmed prior to access being approved.

TOG Members < 6 months ..................... TOG Group

Those who have held active TOG membership for less than 6 months, must be vouched for by a TOG member who satisfies the "TOG Members > 6 months" requirement outlined above.

The TOG Member vouching will not be held responsible for the activities of someone they vouch for (e.g. their server access wouldn't be affected if problems occurred with someone they vouched for). However we ask that careful consideration is given before agreeing to vouch for someone.

Non-TOG Applicants ..................... VIP Group

The same as for "TOG Members < 6 months" above.

Children of Existing Players ..................... VIP or JrVIP Group

Only children of active players will be considered. They must be vouched for by their parents and the parents will be held responsible for their actions, i.e. parents may face sanctions for serious misbehaviour by children (if you don’t fully trust little Johnny to behave, how can we be expected to?).

As noted above, parents are responsible for supervising both their children's activities and interactions with others on the server. Children will not be provided access unless their parents are also players on the server. For this reason, a child's friend will not be considered unless the friend's parent is also a player on the server.

Children will be added to the VIP coded group by default. However a child may instead be listed in the JrVIP coded group if requested by their parent (via the forum or a pm to an Admin/DC – who will copy the pm to the private Admin sub-forum for archive purposes).

Visitors ..................... Guest Group (default)
May be granted access on a case-by-case basis to visit the server however will have no build / destroy rights. As such, they will only be spectators. Access will be removed after an appropriate period. Prior Visitor access does not grant entitlement to future visitor access or a reduction to any of the above requirements. Players are very rarely placed in this group.

Note that once you have been added to the whitelist, if you have successfully joined the game yet you find your name in chat being displayed in grey and you are unable to place/remove blocks, then please ask an Admin to set your group permissions, as you may have been incorrectly considered a "Guest". If no Admins are around, post a notice in the forum.

Any disputes/complaints in regard to the access rules or their practical application should be directed by pm to the Division Captain.

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