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7. In Game command list

This List is accurate for Frontier currently

Command List:

These are commands presently available to players in the TOG Minecraft server..

  • /list: Lists players online.
  • /tp: Shows teleport help.
  • /tp|teleport PLAYER: Teleport to the location of PLAYER.
  • /spawn or /tp spawn: Teleport to spawn
  • /home or /tp home: Teleport to the world spawn or your bed
  • /getpos: Get your present coordinates and bearings
  • /me: Emote your messages
  • /msg|tell|reply PLAYER MESSAGE: Sends a private message to the designated player

Blocks/items will not normally be spawned by Admins or Moderators on the Frontier server in keeping with the survival intent of the Frontier aspects and feedback from division members at the time of the Frontier server's establishment.

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