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10. Starting out on the TOG Server

Note: If you've not played Minecraft before at all, it will be less overwhelming if you've watched a few tutorial videos. There is a series linked in the Minecraft Tips sticky, along with links to various other Newbie Guides, FAQ, Wiki, Tutorials, etc.

A few quick points to help you. Some of these may not be available to you depending on your membership level (see above). See the forum for specific rules and advice for each server.

On the Frontier server:

We don't have a spawn village as such, instead you will spawn in the spawn tower. There are supplies in the chests above spawn to help you get started (please be considerate in how much you take as restocking is not as easy). There is a community mine to the north-east - follow the signed paths but be careful as the path is not protected from the monsters.

This world has no warppoints but some teleportation is allowed. If you sleep in a bed, you can use /tp home at anytime to teleport to it (though there may be a warmup period of a number of seconds). PVP damage is on for all players, but the wishes of any player to not participate in combat must be respected.

On the allied servers

Whitelisted players can also join in on various allied servers run by Toggers. If Frontier isn't quite what you want out of Minecraft, maybe one of the allied servers is more to your taste. Each has their own forum which defines their own rules and their own gameplay objectives. If you have queries, just post in the forum.

If you would even like to run an allied server yourself, the conditions are set out in TOG Minecraft Server Code of Conduct.

Temporary servers

Occasionally we temporarily replace the TOG servers with new worlds and servers. For instance, in the past we have revisited old servers with new versions of Minecraft or used maps prepared by others. These worlds will often have their own rules.

What do we do on our servers?

Our players are regularly found working on their masterpieces, big or small, as well as helping others in the community. Have a look at the Division's calendar and The Miners' Gallery to see what sort of events and constructions have also occurred since we started in September 2010.

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