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11. How can I Contribute to the Community?

Contributions can take a number of forms, including (but not limited to):

  • Suggestions / ideas
  • Server Funds - paypal details
  • News items / Articles for our Division homepage
  • Volunteering as a Mod / Admin as vacancies arise
  • Donating / subscribing to TOG (note, this contributes to the TOG forum costs, not any Minecraft game server)

Post up in the forums, or pm the DC/Admins/Mods as appropriate.

12. What if I have encountered or noticed a problem?
Can’t connect to the Server: Check the Mojang server status indicators at for problems and the Our Worlds sticky for any advice of maintenance. Please only pm a Mod/Admin, or post a thread that you’re having troubles, if you have checked these points first.

Be aware that should a compulsory server patch be released by the developers then the servers will continue to run the previous version of the game until the server admin mods/plugins we utilise are also updated. Thankfully not all server updates are compulsory and clients have the option of whether to update or not each time the game is started. Note that if you attempt to connect with a client that is a later version than the servers, the game will report an error indicating your client is outdated, when in fact it is the server which is not yet updated.

If you have inadvertently updated or are a new player without the previous version installed, then one of the following tools may assist in rolling back your client (we unfortunately can't host a copy of the matching client as it is in breach of the Minecraft Terms and Conditions). See also the hints in Minecrafting 101

MC Nostalgia - [TOOL] MCNostalgia 2.1.2 (With GUI) Now works with 1.4.6! - Minecraft Forum (new developer Nov 2011)

In-game behaviour: Any player with concerns about the behaviour or activities of another player should privately speak to (using pm or in-game message - /msg) a Mod, Admin, or the Division Captain who will investigate and deal with the issue. If no Mod/Admin/DC is available, please pm the Division Captain or another member of the Admin team with:
  • the nature of the problem, in as much detail as possible
  • the exact location of any incident (including coordinates)
  • the time you believe it occurred (or a time-frame if you are unsure)
  • a screen-shot if appropriate

Forum behaviour: The Minecraft forums are moderated by the Division Captain, with assistance from the TOG Moderators as necessary. Inappropriate behaviour would normally be identified and dealt with. However should you feel it necessary, please pm the DC or use the ‘report post’ icon next to the relevant post. Do not take it upon yourself to unofficially moderate, as this has the potential to escalate the issue.

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