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Well the problems with a list of threads are many:

1) In any one thread there might be many claims, so if I want to make sure someone haven't claimed an area I have to read through a whole list of threads, and every post in that thread to make sure I don't miss anything.
2) I have to figure out where in the actual map the screenshot was taken, not trivial in many cases, and will be harder and harder as the map expands.
3) Someone have to update the list, scanning through the forums. When this someone gets tired of the game the list will stop updating.
4) As the list grows there will be more and more work going through it looking for possible conflicts with your area.
5) To claim something I have to take a screenshot, load it in an editor draw the area and upload it with some service. Not exactly as easy as writing /setwarp name.claim, especially if your graphical talents extends to MS Paint.

I think it's perfectly enough with just setting that one claim marker. People understand that it's not just the one block it points to that you want to claim, but a reasonable* area around it. Same with any marker really, if I find a marker with someones name, even if it isn't a claim marker I will avoid building there. So you can just move the claim marker to new spots after you have put a real warp on the old spot.

* The more cramped an area are of markers the smaller you expect each markers "influence" being. This is quite natural, at least to me. If it's right in the middle of the wilderness the claimed area would be quite big, a kilometer radius perhaps, but in the middle of the starter town, not larger than a few meters.
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