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how am I to know what everyone have claimed so I don't step in on their territories?
.... well you've already said you only need to look at the claim/warp spots for reference, so that's fine, you do that... and anyone who wants to investigate further in an area can use these links to look at people's screen shots and see what area their claim takes up...

I'm not quite sure what the problem is here... but anyway... This list is in addition to the warp and claim markers on the map... to help further clarify people's borders to those who want clarification.....

To avoid problems we need to have a system we can all agree on,
We're never going to get that - with anything

I would recommend that anyone who wants to mark a claim does the following
Umm, yes, that's basically what I was saying.... but if you find a close neighbour (eg if #4 shows people near where you want your claim) - you can use these links to find their screen shots of their claimed area and see if your spot is within that...

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