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3D is only in 720p
game is not overly impresive graphics wise, some of the cut scenes should have looked better than they do, 3D wise this is very impressive, weapon detail is superb, 3D has the wow factor when you sight up, it's as though the sights are right up against your eye, only played single player up to where they get away on the plane leaving you behind after destroying the veichels blocking the runway, my son had a go with it and all i heard from him was wow this wow that, big for the short time i played in 3D, i sit about 2.4mts from my 58" plasma, and it draws you right into the action, may try sitting a bit closer, but my other son tried this with wipeout HD 3D and sat only a meter from the TV after a fairly long spell on it he went outside for a smoke and nearly fell over

Frame rate side by side

also been reading that the 360 does a better job than the PS3 in 3D which surprised me considering that the PS3 has had a 3D firmware update for gaming

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