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Default The Review!!! Part II

ok, now that I own it, Sadly had to sell a few games to get it, (goodbye Reach lol) The game is a freaken great. Single Player's story has enough plot twists to keep me interested, though I suspected a few of them earlier then the clues point out. The only depressing side is its not Co-Op, I remember a few levels I would find myself dreaming of me and a friend jumping from Roof top to Roof top together but sadly, no co-op.

Zombie's Mode, Haven't tried it really, outside of once just for this review, and to best of knowledge its just like the old version.

Multiplayer, once again is pretty fun, though lately Ive been noticing a few flaws and things that I finally can bitch about. Mainly surrounding by either my bullets seem to vanish even at point blank range, where I shoot someone dead on, and they somehow don't die, turn around and kill me in one blast, or even long shots, same thing.Head shots, while supposedly helpful, I find i need to shoot 3 or 4 times in there heads for them to die, and I know I am hitting the head, cause I hear the stupid
"bing" sound effect from the bullet hitting the helmet, but wait, why is my bullet hitting the helmet if I am at the face, and now suddenly helmets are determining factor in head shots when no other game helmets matter. Hell, even in Halo a head shot is instant death, unless you are fighting a brute.....which I never understood in that game either. *shrugs* So there you have it folks, Humans in COD are as strong as Brutes!!! We need to lose our helmets to die.

Other complaints.....the level layout is way way too complex for most of the level, it totally ignores the rule of KISS. Keep It Simple Stupid!!!, while yes, complexity spices up areas in a level, the entire level shouldn't have a 4 different line of sight on it. And that's Minimal, I mean seriously, there is no where to run to reload your gun half the time in complete safety of a corner, or nook. I respect complicity, and like it where there are sections that use it, but a entire level so complex that there is no breathing room between spawn and death gets old real quick.

Oh, and don't even get me started on the level known as Nuke Town.... Who ever designed that level needs to be fired and imprisoned for life.

So yea, My full review gives it a 7 out of 10 bullets to the head.
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