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Default Discussion: Damage, Warps, Two Servers ...

With Notch currently working on damage for multiplayer it's probably time to resurrect this discussion. Some decisions will need to be made and thus the Admin Team are interested in hearing your views on the below, along with any other related topics that I've missed.

Discussion Topics (Do you want .......? Why? Why Not?):

  • Mobs / Animals
  • Damage
  • Warps
  • Teleporting (yourself / others)
  • Two servers
  • Starting map(s) afresh


  1. This thread is to seek your opinion, it will differ from others, please respect theirs as much as you want them to respect yours.
  2. You can discuss points raised by others as long as you adhere to #1
  3. There are currently no plans for a poll
  4. Ultimately decisions will be made in line with the mandate required of Division Captains (and by extension leadership teams): "Recognise the different play styles that certain games accommodate and understand the importance of providing a solution for all of them that have a large enough following in TOG."
  5. Consider that certain functions (e.g. warping between servers) may be still some way off, therefore be realistic when making suggestions that hinge upon such longer term or speculated functionality.

Finally, please post your view, it is important to us regardless of whether it's half a dozen words or a short story.
Cheers......Thermal Ions
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