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  • Mobs / Animals - yes to both (except creepers).
  • Damage - yes (except fall damage).
  • Warps - as long as there is no other way of fast travel yes, but if we get a rail system or portals then no, except /tp that I think should stay.
  • Teleporting (yourself / others) - yourself yes, others no.
  • Two servers - I'd prefer one. Rather than forcing mechanics I think we could enforce a safe area by ourselves. Like building a walled in area and lighting it all up with enough torches that it never gets dark enough to spawn enemies. And without creepers there won't be any enemies that can spawn in light, nor that can destroy anything anyone has built.
  • Starting map(s) afresh - I'd rather keep the one we have.
Of course I don't know if this is all possible. If you can turn off fall damage and if you can prevent creepers from spawning...
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