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In Minecraft I think we can broadly group people into two groups, those that are mostly creative and just want to build things and those that enjoy the survivial mode.

Unfortunately unless Notch builds into the game a God mode that the Hey0 mode could then use for different classes of people then I can't see both groups being happy together in the same world.

We DO know that it is the intent of Notch to allow for portals to allow transport between servers EVENTUALLY therefore I think the clearest option is two different servers, one for the surviors and one for the others. Also I don't feel this is too far off as the ability to have the Nether on a MP server hinges on this functionality.

The Survior one should
* Have Mobs
* Have Damage
* Should NOT have kits
* Should NOT have warps.
* Can have /home and /spawn
* Should start on a fresh server/map (I really can't see anybody or reason wanting to use the current one for survival as to do so would 'cheapen' the survival server, not to meantion it also amounts to survivors starting off with a whole pile of resources, which again cheapens the survivors experience.)
* Should NOT have teleporting people to you. (You can still /tp to other people)

The Quasi-Creative server should be as currently is with :
* Existing Map (and the existing rules)
* World set to peaceful, so only Animal mobs (Chickens, Sheep, Pigs and Cows)
* Falling and Drowning Damage turned off (if possible)
* Can have kits for non accessable content such as items that would normally be mob dropped - string, gunpowder etc.
* Teleporting others to you should also not be on this server either. That really is an Admin/Mod only function.

In regards to warps. I would like to see Warps either limited or removed from the Creative Server (and never existing in the Survivor one). If people are forced to rely on /home, /spawn and /tp as the only ways of getting around it is unlikely we would be facing such a spawling map in the first place. One of the problems with warps is it makes it TOO easy to get around or to cross large distance.

Also the construction of roads, bridges, rail lines and boats become more important as ways of getting around. At the moment they kinda of useless as you can just warp everywhere.

Expansion on a survival server also becomes curtailed as safe houses need top be built within a 'days' journey of each other (specially once sea monsters are eventually created).

All this is good for keeping the map from exploding in size again.
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