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Originally Posted by DaedalusAlpha View Post
  • Two servers - I'd prefer one. Rather than forcing mechanics I think we could enforce a safe area by ourselves. Like building a walled in area and lighting it all up with enough torches that it never gets dark enough to spawn enemies.
A problem with that is that for some of the creative types (maybe all, I know I'm certainly one) also like exploring and building in interesting landscapes, your proposal would essentially kill that.

Also the light level that allows mobs to spawn is still pretty high, think its 7 or under, so you would need torches every 7-8 squares to prevent mobs from spawning. (might need to check that, could be light level 5 or less - which equals torches every 10 squares so still alot)

Its one thing to wall off and light an area that allows people to build 10x10 homes, an entirely another that lets people build large homes/castles/fortresses/whatevers.

Also not sure it's possible to have creepers (and maybe some other future mobs - remember Notch plans on expanding the mobs) not spawn but allow others do. I've read on the forums people requesting that, but haven't seen any solutions in those threads.
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