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My 2c worth (or two of whatever other currency you would like):

Mobs / Animals - yes please, it would be nice to get everything without resorting to kits.
Damage - yes. Falling damage would be a pain for building, but then again it might make one a little more careful! No PvP damage (just PvE) though would be my view.
Warps - while warps are nice when building large structures I am unattached to them
Teleporting (yourself / others) - no issue with TPing to someone, but that should be the only way allowed
Two servers - unattached to this. If we have two servers as long as we can still access both I don't mind.
Starting map(s) afresh - based on the structures I see I would imagine (assuming we have two servers) that the peaceful server will have the current map. A survival server should have a fresh map.

I am assuming even the survival server will rule out destruction of player structures by other players? With current game mechanics destroying structures would be trivial.
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