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Hey Gang,

  • Mobs / Animals - Creative server Animals, Survival Mobs and Animals
  • Damage- Creative server Off, Survival server All Damage On
  • Warps - Creative On, Survival Off
  • Teleporting (yourself / others) Creative on, Survival Off
  • Two servers - Definitely
  • Starting map(s) afresh Creative No, Survival Yes
If (and I think this seems to be the commonly held assumption - correct or not) the existing map is to become the creative server, I see no point at all in shifting the rules from where they currently are - hopefully the 'x from spawn' method will limit map size, and if so negates the arguments for removing the various tp and warp commands - to try and change the rules if it does remain a creative server will just get up peoples noses (mine included) - it clearly will not be a survival server, so I'm not sure why we would want a set of quasi survival rules?

As for the survival server, I say go hard core - really turn up the heat:
No TP.
/home and /spawn only (and if a timer could be introduced, so much the better)
All monsters on.
Falling damage on.
Drowning Damage on.
Burning / lava damage on.
Able to damage mobs on.
Able to be damaged by mobs on....see where i am heading with this? lol.

If it was set up as above, I think that would be a real challenge - I'm a huge fan of creative, but I think the challenge of building something in such a hostile environment would really give me a kick as well.
Also, we'd get some real gameplay - mining becomes an adventure, and you'd best party up to do it! I think the first few nights on this map will be awesome fun (not that after it won't be) but everyone madly running around spawn getting ready for the first dark, trying to find that coal to light the (probably) communal abode...well I can see it being a lot of fun.

I guess my point is, if it is going to be a survival server, then let's not go 80% of the way and say "thus far - and no further!"

Oh - one last point - I don't believe that children should be playing with us on the survival server - not only regarding appropriate content, but little accidents/mistakes will have an amplified effect, and I'd prefer to not put them in a position where they may unwittingly cause a disaster! (I'm sure I will be causing enough of those myself!)



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