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I am in favor of 2 servers if possible, as I would like to see the current server made into a creative server, and a new survival server begun. Though, if this is unavailable due to the system resources then I guess we would need to rediscuss this.

so for survival:
  • Mobs / Animals - YES
  • Damage - YES
  • Warps - maybe, not really concerned, especially if we start a new world.
  • Teleporting (yourself / others) - YES - TP yourself only
  • Two servers - YES
  • Starting map(s) afresh YES
for creative:

  • Mobs / Animals - NO.... animals are a real pain for rail systems!
  • Damage - NO
  • Warps - YES
  • Teleporting (yourself / others) - YES
  • Starting map(s) afresh - NO

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