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Default Tips for running 2 versions of Minecraft

Sometimes players may want to be able to change between different versions of Minecraft. For example you may want to play an earlier or updated version in single player, to what version our TOG servers are running. or you might like to have a modded version and a vanilla version. There are a few ways to do this:

Minecraft Profile Manager:
(This is what I personally use, and I love it)
There is a program you can download which will allow you to have multiple "profiles" (versions of the game). The extra profiles are located in a different directory, so your original minecraft installation is completely untouched.
Minecraft Profile Manager - (Doesn't work with WinXP)
Minecraft Profile Manager clone - (that works with WinXp)

To use it - download the file from the website, extract it anywhere you like (In it's own folder would be best). You will need to copy your minecraft.exe file and place it in the folder, then run the profile manager. Click the "create new profile" button and give it a name (using the version number will help you know which is which). Then "launch profile" will load your game. You will need to login again and enter in the server details again, but it will remember them next time you login.

The clone that works with XP runs differently, so check the forum for the guide on how to use that one, but basically it's the same idea but it runs from a command prompt.

From then on, run the "minecraft profile manager" exe instead of your minecraft exe, and you can choose which of the profiles you want to play and it will load that one for you.

To create additional profiles, do the same thing (or copy an existing profile), giving them names to distinguish them. Since the game files are stored in that folder, not your regular "appdata" location, you can run multiple profiles with different mods, without affecting the original minecraft install.

Renaming the minecraft.jar file:
Find your minecraft.jar file, which you can find here:


C:\Documents and Settings\yourlogin\Application Data\.minecraft\bin

Rename the minecraft.jar to "minecraft_version.jar" (where "version" is the version number eg "minecraft_1.1.jar") and as a safety precaution, zip it (or copy it to a folder somewhere else) so you have a zipped backups in case something goes wrong. Then let the game update, which will create a new "minecraft.jar" for the current version.

When you want to go back to your old version, just rename the current minecraft.jar to "minecraft_version.jar" (where "version" is the version number), making a zipped/copied backup would be wise), then rename the old "minecraft_version.jar" back to just "minecraft.jar"
Creating a bat file:
This allows you to have more than one minecraft version on the one computer (also allows for different mods etc)

First go to where ever you want your new minecraft install to live and Create the following directories:


Copy Minecraft.exe to minecraft\bin (this is the file you download from minecraft's website)
Copy your .minecraft directory to minecraft\data

Your .minecraft directory contains these words, and is located in your user profile (You have to have played minecraft at least once for it to be there):

Vista: c:\Users\yourlogin\AppData\Roaming\
WinXP: C:\Documents and Settings\yourlogin\Application Data\

Then create minecraft.bat file(you can call it anything just don't leave of the .bat), containing the following instructions:

set APPDATA=%CD%\data

In order to create a bat file you can just create a text file with notepad and then add the text above and then change the file extension from .txt to .bat

Then, simply double-click minecraft.bat to play the game!

Altering the APPDATA environment variable does not touch the system APPDATA. This change will only affect programmes launched from the bat file. It will not change your system settings.
Getting an older version of Minecraft
If you ever need to go back to a previous version of Minecraft, because you've updated and want to use an older version - you can use "Minecraft Version Changer" It lets you select any previous version from a list.

So if you create your Profile manager profiles, using the most recent versions, you can backdate them to whatever version you need.

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