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Default Intro to Minecraft (the game)

Minecraft - Why should you care?
People are raving about it, but to you the graphics look like something that has come out of the 80's and you heard it's not even finished yet. You've visited the Minecraft website but still come away none the wiser. Then take a few minutes to watch the below fan-made trailer and video.

So what exactly is it? (summary by Fate)
Minecraft is an indie developed open world 3D construction/survival game that is currently in beta development. Designed and built by Markus Persson (Notch), of Mojang Specifications. The game has two flavours, a classic mode which is free and contains creative mode for sandbox construction and a survival mode for defending against hostile creatures in game. The beta version is available to paying customers (14.95) which includes the latest versions of the singleplayer and multiplayer survival version of the game, including crafting.

It gets compared to a big Lego kit, yet it adds layers on top of this, and in fact even if you're not that creative, you can get immense enjoyment playing the game through exploring the exciting procedurally generated landscape both above and below ground, mining for treasures, crafting and building very basic structures. It lets you play it how you want to.

Playing the game:
To join the TOG Minecraft server, you'll need the Beta (paid) version of the game, available from the Minecraft site. Once you have downloaded the game, head over to the Getting started in TOG minecraft thread for all the information you need about joining us in game. Including our server address and how to apply to be added to the whitelist.

Threads of interest:
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Division's calendar

External links of interest:
The Word of Notch (Notch's blog)
Notch on Twitter
Jens Bergensten (jeb_) on Twitter (Lead developer for MC)
Official Minecraft Forums
Minepedia: The Minecraft Wiki

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