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I'm by no means a GT or racing game nut, although I have played them all since the original GT on PS1. Been a long time between drinks, so any comparisons may be somewhat inaccurate.

You can't upgrade your brakes for some odd reason, which sucks because that is usually one of the first things I do. Other than that, the usual plethora of upgrades and tweaking options are alive and well.

At first I was a little underwhelmed when browsing the available cars, but it seems a lot are on the (ever changing in real time) used car list, or given as prizes. This can be annoying, for instance to finish the amateur series of races I need to get my hands on a big ute (pick up truck for the yanks ), but I have no way to get my hands on one until it comes up on the used car trader.

It seems a little... easy so far - not the racing, but how quickly you can get new cars and unlock more races etc. This may very well be no easier than the last ones however, it just seemed that I spent the first hours racing around in little hatchbacks, before ending up in a 750 odd horsepower GT-R and now having a stable of exotic cars from rewards - for example for winning the professional (I think, the third set of events) championship I received a Bugatti Veyron - it just seems like I shouldn't have all these exotic beasts handed to me so frequently. I have played a lot this weekend though I guess.

The graphics are great despite some jaggies and the usually horrible zombie spectators - though I never noticed them too much until my five year old had a go and ended up nose to a barrier with them standing there, looking all uncanny.

The divide between the regular and premium cars isn't honestly huge IMO, though the lack of a cockpit view in the standard cars stops me from using it at all as I find it too jarring switching views when switching cars.

If anything here looks overly critical it's because people usually remember/point out the bad things - I'm actually having a ball and so far in my mind it's every bit as good as its predecessors.

I challenge anyone to throw a '69 Stingray around Luguna Seca and tell me otherwise

Of course played in high def on a 55" screen with surround sound really adds a whole new element that I hadn't experienced in the prior games. I actually have an unused (more because I forget than anything else) Buttkicker Gamer next to my PC - if I had the time/money I'd con a mate who can weld into helping me build a seat. A seat with steering wheel and pedals, Buttkicker and the sound cranked up until the windows rattle would further increase the immersion I'm sure

No doubt there's plenty I've missed, and I'd be interested to hear other TOGgers reviews as well.

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