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I have mixed feelings atm as I feel let down on a whole as Forza 3 is a much much better overall package. The handling feels like it has been made easier, a bit more forgiving. To casual racers thats prolly a good thing but GT is normally very sim like but this one feels a bit arcade compared to other sim games.
Also can't stand that you have to level up to unlock real damage, and it calls itself a simulator.

The premium vs standard cars shits me off, forza has cockpit views for all cars and I want to be able to turn the 05 WRX into a race car ( as that's what I drive irl ) but can't as it's a standard car. Also when is a game going to get the WRX engine noise right, it sounds shit house as does the big v8 in my stingray, sounds like my muscle car has a jap 4 pot in it.

I have not tried online yet but planing on hitting mungrel up for a GTR race soon to test.

With the complaints out of the way, I'm having a ball, it is GT after all and I can't think of a better way to spend my afternoons racing and tuning some cars. Just wish they had put the last 6 years to better use making it a complete package. Hopefully we get some new cars and tracks soon with some Aussie flavour, until then I have to stick with rfactor for my Aussie tracks.

I do plan on buying a racing wheel and seat after Xmas once my move to Cooktown is over then it should be even more fun.
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