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Originally Posted by Bazz View Post
Interesting glitch I found whilst using the steampunk texture pack...
(this block allows you to see 'under the world' to all the tunnels etc...probably should have taken this shot during the day, but you'll get the idea)
I looked at the forum thread for Glimmar's Steampunk texture pack and I'm gathering it's an indication of not having patched using Xua's MC Patcher - to make higher resolution textures work properly. The default minecraft textures are 16x16 whereas Glimmar's Steampunk is 32x32.

It may also be that you have an older version of the texture and/or the Patcher, as it seems they've been updated in the last few weeks (now 1.5 & 1.1.9_04 respectively).

EDIT: When applying the texture pack last night, I had to ensure I selected the texture pack first in the game menu, then exited, then used the Patcher. If I used the patcher while I still had the original 16x16 textures selected in the game it would hang on startup.
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