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Default Using a USA Xbox in Australia?

Hey guys,

Not wanting to sell my console for so little while I was in Florida, I decided to bring it back with me to Australia. I have a few games I bought as well so I thought I might feel like playing them still from here. I knew I would need to buy a replacement power cord but I am at a bit of a loss about how much I need to do, so I'm wondering if any of you know about this?

When I took my pc over to the USA it was as simple as buying a $2 cable that would plug into the wall there - is it essentially the same in reverse with the console or am I only able to play a USA Xbox here with a transformer?

Looking on ebay etc, it seems they just sell the main adaptor without the plug that ends up in the wall? Can I just use an ordinary power cord l might have lying around that hooks up a PC as well? The input on the adaptor seems to look the same.

Appreciate any tips you can offer,

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