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Has anyone tried this with the PS Move controller? The latest patch has enabled this feature.

I threw 11 hours into this game in one day to complete. What an amazing ride! Deep and involved, loved the story. This is the first console game I've played in a thorough way. Interactive drama binds with cinema. So much so I found myself having stopped playing and waiting for the "movie" to continue and for a second wondering why my character was just standing there. Once the game had developed after the first hour I was hooked all the way until the end. It's definitely a game where you need to send the family out for the day (or weekend! lol). An hour or so each night just wouldn't work in my opinion.

I did find the controls at times a little clunky and confusing during some of the more hectic moments but I think this is more due to my lack of experience with controllers than a fault with the game.

After I completion I checked out some reports of the various possible endings - amazing. Don't worry, no spoilers from me! This game is seriously impressive and needs to be experienced!

I've just bought Heavy Rain Chronicles 1 which according to Father in TOG Podcast #20 is a very intense trip.
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