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I installed this mod, and its alot of fun. much more challenging with more mobs during the day. lions just run up to you can eat you if you are not careful
I didn't want anything to kill my beloved horses..

Well I finally found another black horse, ran off to make a saddle, set them breeding, and as I was walking back to my house, I saw.....

So I raced back home to make another saddle (note to self, keep a saddle and wheat on you).... hoping it would still be there when I returned (luckily it was not far)... it was! so I set about taming it....


So... just a bit of info.... the mod DM posted ( has all the details you need really... you need special saddles you make from iron and leather... you need to find the horses, put a saddle on them, then feed them wheat (right click, I've been feeding one wheat each time), alternating the wheat with then right clicking on them with nothing in your hand to get on them, they will buck you off (which takes off health, like a fall), and you feed again, try riding again.... eventually it will not buck you off and it is then tame, you can ride it, and it won't despawn... you can make them a barn to keep them in, because they will tend to wander around on their own, which can be annoying to have to go chasing to go get them for a ride.

They walk faster than you do... the "better" the horse the faster it is... the black horse and unicorn I have can jump over a 3 block high wall (though we take damage on landing).. the brown horses can't jump that high, I think the dark brown jumps higher than the common light brown.

Taming them seems a bit random... the first time I tamed a light brown and dark brown horse I only needed one lot of the feed/mount.... the second time I tried those same colours and I needed about 6 goes..... the black horse took me about 20 or more, but most of those it was in the water, which might have stopped it actually working properly.... the unicorn took about 6 goes I think...

To breed them, again, details on that thread.... you need to feed them a pumpkin each (or mushroom soup), and put them in a space where they are no more than 4 blocks apart and no horses or yourself are within 8 blocks - then leave them for half a day or more. I've discovered that the offspring won't despawn, which is sort of annoying if you don't want to waste a saddle to tame them, they will just hang about..... You can kill them (they give leather)... So far I bred 2 common light brown horses, that made another common horse, and 2 black horses which also made a common horse

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