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I do not endorse this product and/or service.

How is this different to Frontlines? FFOW suffered for a huge number of reasons - and total lack of support was for sure the primary reason - but not the only reason. The game sucked on just about every level... and I'm seeing the exact same "issues" that they labeled as features, re-appearing here.

I understand the rationale behind the game, and I can see how it looks and sounds totally awesome on paper, but the way FFOW played out (and this appears to be the same) was that every "feature" was a distraction, and a gimmicky negative.

They talk about intuitive gameplay, but drones will be anything but. They talk about depth, yet they admit to making it simplistic - "this is not the game where you need to spend two hours learning to fly a helicopter"...

One of the absolute strengths of Desert Combat, was that you absolutely needed to spend time learning how everything worked. It presented a challenge, and encouraged replay for that very reason. Sure you could fly a chopper after two hours, but go up against a master, and you'd get your arse handed to you. That there is the real challenge, and that is the greatest possible reward, not some crap "battle points" that allow you to get what you need when you need it - where's specialisation?

All I can say is this, bah.
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