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Default Temp Creative Server - Spawn Castle

Since some of you won't be venturing into the temp creative, I thought I'd show off our spawn building... (Inspired by Gersh's sandcastle in the temp SMP)

To give you some idea of the work that went in.... we started off by levelling off the hill we spawned on... down about 3 blocks - which is the floor level of the castle (1 block below those windows!) We had to flatten out the surrounding land to bring it all down to waterlevel (mostly since we needed the sand!)

We realised when marking out the castle that if we put chests and things in the castle for people to use, they wouldn't be able to access them due to the large area of spawn protection (which couldn't be changed), so we had to build in some side areas that we could use for communal storage

I thought it might be nice to make the storage areas into market stalls rather than just plonking down chests

A big THANK YOU to everyone who gathered resources to help build it - particularly all that sand (I don't think I want to build in sandstone ever again! lol)

and look... a purple sheep

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