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Default Boo SONY! Boooo games industry!

While our American counter parts can enjoy DCUO for the monthly price of $14.99US ... Australian players of the same game (and same value currency) have to pay $19.99 AUS for the privilege.

The question then needs to be asked, who is price gouging us? We have been paying (in most cases) over double for games compared to the US and the blame has been aimed squarely at the retailers.

But when Australian gamers are also being "overcharged" by online services it makes me wonder who is really to blame?

Between getting overcharged, paying for DLC that should have been part of the original purchase and, in many cases, poor server / product support, I for one am seriously considering turning my back on this form of entertainment / hobby.

I just have better things to do with my time and money and I am sick of being treated like a "cash cow"!
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