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I don't think so Chief. With the PSN store SONY has the unique ability to "keep it in house" as it were.

It may be different for the PC version as I think you can pay for "Station" access, but I don't think that covers the PS3 version.

What I fear (and I do understand that it may just be because I am a paranoid grumpy old fart) is what is becoming the "accepted" norm in console gaming.

We are rapidly getting locked into a scenario where the purchase of the actual game is only the beginning of the spending adventure.

After we purchase a game, we no longer have the mind set that we have purchased the right to use a product.

We readily accept that we pay to play a game until a new map pack or other type of DLC comes out. Once this new content comes out, in many cases, we are forced to purchase the DLC so that we can keep playing the product at an "acceptable" level.

Many online shooters require the purchase of map packs so you can keep playing with other people online.

Some sports games allow people to pay for cheats (and that is all they really are).

Some games require the purchase of DLC so the player can get all the achievements.

Add to this that the vast majority of console games has no community mod / create ability (exceptions being LBP and some shooters with map editors) and my fear about console gaming becoming "user continually pays to enjoy" is not as paranoid as I appear to be!

I realize I have derailed my own topic ... but does anyone else agree with what I am saying? Does anyone else think we are starting to get taken for a ride and are becoming unwitting pawns in an unscrupulous money making entity?

To be clear, it is not the online stores I have an issue with, nor even the ability to add content to an existing game. This new business model has allowed us to access independent works and, in theory, prolong the life / value of a favorite game.

What I am becoming jaded about is the way that companies now are withholding content to charge for it separately; charging outrageous prices for content because they know people will pay to keep playing online; allowing people to pay for cheats and then (to add insult to injury), charge some players more for the same content just because they live in a different country.

There once was a time when our society had companies that showed their appreciation to loyal customers by giving added value ... now it seems we are a society of consumers that shows our loyalty to companies by giving them more dollars to add value to their products!

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