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Default Anyone still play Roguelikes?

Just curious as to who still plays Roguelike games. Over the years I played quite a range like uMoria, Angband, Nethack, Linley's Crawl/Stone Soup and similar titles.

Inspired by this i've begun development of my own c++/opengl roguelike, its currently just a tiling engine but work progresses somewhat in my spare time.

Question is: Do people still play roguelikes?

As a follow-up: I havent currently implemented an ASCII interface, tiles are the only option. Do you think I should also support ASCII for the 'old-school' gamers still out there? From the forums i've visited it seems some gamers are die-hard ascii users.

Project (in infancy) is opensource under the GPL. Anyone curious can find it at (Note, pre-alpha, isnt actually playable, just a map you can walk about in)
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