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Re: Gameplay tips

Dropping a tool and rescooping it to renew durability. As far as im aware this only ever worked in multiplayer and not single player. On top of this its a bug rather than a feature and I believe that it has now been fixed.

Likewise using your crafting grid to carry extra materials with you. While this worked in both modes its either been fixed or is going to be.

I cant access the game for the time being so if someone could confirm these i'd be glad
I cant remember my sources either, so if it turns out to be wrong, dont ask where I read it.

Finding north. While the cobblestone L tip is good, also remember that clouds always move North

Related to using a portal to keep mobs out: You can create a one-way door by placing soulsand outside a doorway, anything in soulsand is considered to be half a block lower than the ground and it is not possible to walk or jump from it into a 1x2 doorway, it is however possible to jump across the sand and land in the doorway, this can be solved with a wider sand patch. This works vs players in MP also.

Regarding the carrying of sand/gravel/dirt to allow you to access high places. If you use sand or gravel as the material it will also allow you to descend from high positions. Use the sneak functionality to edge off your current block and place sand/gravel beside your current block, it will fall to the ground. If you have a stack of 64 such blocks then you can build a 64 block-high tower back up to your level, which you then step onto and dig downwards to descend. (from paulsoaresjr videos)

This tactic is insanely useful when adventuring, I always carry a stack when in caverns since many have vertical passages that you may encounter from above

Note: Sneaking off your current block and placing sand/gravel directly beneath your feet will cause you to fall with the block (probably to your doom) since sneak deactivates if you place something beneath your feet.

Also, related to the spawning block comment by Optical Array: When setting a /home in multiplayer, set it on top of a dirt block which you then remove so that using the feature causes you to spawn in the air. It can help prevent server lag from causing you to fall through the ground when using /home.
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