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I'm just annoyed cause I sunk plenty of money into the game, bought it for myself and 2 friends, so over $100+ and now they have already moved on....!!??
The risk we take when buying a title that's not considered A++ for multiplayer. MOH could have gone both ways, I played the crap out of the first MOH and loved every second of it. I liked this one but MP issues frustrated the crap out of me. Some occasions I could be 1 vs 1 at a decent range with a shotgun and put a 2 hit stink on them. Other times I could be close enough to get intimate, pump a whole shotgun worth of shells into them and they'll turn and whack me.

I suspect I'm going to take a bath with Homefront as well, but it came with a free copy of Metro 2033 which isn't all that bad.
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