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Thumbs up Zeoinx arrives on to the PS3!!!!

Hi guys, just picked up a ps3 with my tax return so im posting this from the in system browser,still need to make a gamer online account I think so I'll post when I figure it out, oh yea I still have my X-box 360 so I still will be down for playing on there as well.

Ok, now im on my PC, im doing some system update on the PS3, and just thought of some questions to ask, I know you can download custom backgrounds to your PS3 for your "dashboard" screen, so I was wondering how exactly I go about doing that. Do I need a USB Flash Drive or something, or can this connect directly to my PC like the 360, and if so, How do I set up that link. Any other helpful hints you would be willing to give would be most appreciated. Thanks in advance.........

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