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Default Prey 2 *IN DEV*

Zenimax aka the parent company of Bethesda bought up the rights to Prey when 3D Realms was falling apart, and based off a French magazine cover page spotted by the guys at Evil Avatar a new Prey title is very close to being announced.
Prey was unique enough for its time to stand out on its own amidst a lot of competition. It'll be interesting to hear what Zenimax has planned, and which team is in charge of development.
SOURCE It Looks Like Prey 2 Is On The Horizon, Courtesy of Zenimax - Voodoo Extreme

I found the original Prey to be a lot of fun at LANs.
I'm looking forward to see how this one progresses.

Prey chat - Prey...Oh Man...
Prey demo chat - Prey Demo



Human Head Studios are again working on the Prey series
released sometime in 2012
id tech engine from id Software

SOURCE BigPond GameArena - News - Bethesda announces Prey 2

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