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"The id tech engine looks fantastic, you'd almost think that you were watching live actors!"

They are live actors. It's a live action trailer.

No way we're going to see realtime 3D like that within the next 20 to 30 years at least. Hell even pre-rendered CG is no where near that good.

I did enjoy the first game, never completed it though. I felt as if too many of the levels were a tad too abstract aboard the alien ship and I eventually lost any reference to the fact that humanity was being invaded - my interest was usurped by other games and I never felt motivated enough to go back to it.

The weird indian spirit gameplay mechanics were hard to relate to as well. Nothing against their religion or culture, but as they were going for a rather high level of realism with the visuals and shock/awe style to sell the alien/scifi elements I was hard pressed to accept that I could also turn into a ghost of an eagle and fly though walls and crap. The scifi and magic just didn't sync well for me and felt like the game on a whole was trying too hard to have "everything". It looks like they've decided to drop that in Prey 2 which I think is a good choice.

I hope they mix the levels up a bit more in this new one too, have more on earth and show more of the "big picture" invasion from the ground.
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