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Opti wanted to try to build a central vertical lava flow surrounded by water at the base. While he was off doing something for his Mum I thought I'd give it a go for him.

I built up some sand blocks to get up higher for placing the central lava block. When I placed the lava block it subsequently flowed out one block away from the centre (unexpected but containable) and then on and over the sand stack I was standing on (removed before the pic was taken), making it flow one block further out again. This meant it flowed outside the containing cobblestone that can be seen on the floor and also close enough to set the wooden ceiling on fire despite the buffer of glass and temporary dirt placed in the centre of the ceiling.

He was surprisingly calm and matter of fact about the whole thing.

Thankfully didn't take too long to rebuild as the forestry supplies nearby didn't catch on fire and the chests weren't destroyed.
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