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Default Tutorial: Making a Minecart Station

I'm starting to get the hang of building stations now so thought I would put together a tutorial on the steps I take. In this tutorial I muck things up a lot but it is relatively easy to fix issues when things go wrong - as you'll see. The key is to use dirt blocks exclusively until everything is working, then replace the dirt with your desired material.

The station ends up looking fairly complex but I build and complete one bit at a time so hopefully it isn't too difficult if you complete each step before proceeding to the next.

To build a station you will typically need:
  • About 100 blocks of dirt
  • About 100 pieces of track
  • 7 mine carts
  • About 100 pieces of redstone
  • About 10 redstone torches
  • 1 button
  • 1 lever
  • 2 wooden plates
  • 1 stone plate
  • 1 redstone repeater
  • 2 hours of time

The Site

In this location I already have an existing track coming from Spawn and then continuing on to the initial station I built. When laying that track I had always planned on building a station here so had built a 2-way booster at this future station location.

After hollowing out a bit of a shell I start using dirt blocks to plan where the track will go. As mentioned previously, by using dirt blocks it is easy to correct mistakes (which happen frequently).

In the picture the tracks shown are the end of the existing booster.

Tracks are laid over the dirt blocks so it is easier to see which tracks will be going where. In this design the far track will be the Arrivals track, the near track will be the Departures track, and the middle track will be the Booster for both Arrivals and Departures.

Dig a slope for the Booster track and the Departures track down 4 levels.

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