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Wiring the Booster Circuit
Now we need to wire-up the Booster circuit so when pressure plates on the Arrival and Departure tracks are activated, the booster cart is released in the right direction.

Using the F3 command stand on top of each underground junction in the booster circuit and also each position on the Arrival and Departure tracks at station level that you will be wanting the plates to activate the booster circuit. Record these numbers because we will be working underground for the wiring.

In this example the Departure track junction block is at 769, 60, 794 and the Arrival track junction is at 771, 60, 794.

Dig underground 3 blocks and then dig an area where you can place redstone torches directly under the two junction boxes.

Return to the surface and see the effect power has on your track. One of the torches activated the junction (the one closest to us) but the farther junction wasn't activated. The torch under this one needs to be in an off state to activate the junction.

Back underground again, provide power to the block with the torch and it will turn it off.

Also note that in this picture, on the left, I have placed a redstone torch under the dispenser junction. Might as well pop this into position now as well.

Back on top now all the junctions are activated.

At station level, place 2 wooden pressure plates on the Arrival and Departure tracks. Throw an object onto the plates to activate them. Eventually the plate on the Departure track will be replaced with a stone plate but using this now would mean we can't test the circuit unless someone stands on it.

Now return to the lower level and connect the blocks under your pressure plates to the torches we had positioned under the junctions.

Start to connect up your track circuits. This image shows that I hadn't allowed the change of direction with the Booster circuit joining where the return track should be. At this stage we just want to test it so use dirt blocks to work around the problem and then we'll fix this later.

With all the boosters in place and the tracks reset, activate the Departure plate to power the booster track.

Crap! It's coming from the wrong direction! I've wired the plates up to the wrong junctions. Now you know why I use dirt blocks for this part of the construction.

What I'm testing here is that the booster cart can return to its circuit underground. As it turns out there wasn't enough power to return it, so...

... extend the length of the booster channel for this cart. Instead of 6 blocks it is now 7 blocks long and re-testing now reliably returns this to its circuit. Each length in a booster extends the distance an unoccupied cart can travel by about 8 track lengths.

Now that everything is working, replace the Departure wooden plate with a stone plate and remove an extra track piece from each circuit so the carts don't overshoot the plates.

Note that now I have corrected my earlier issue of Booster circuit so the Arrival track can be laid flat again.

While testing I found that my Arrival track wasn't reliably pushing carts back into the dispenser. By removing blocks from the corners it allows the cart to travel the correct distance to drop back into the dispenser.

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