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Originally Posted by MadMax View Post
Would you typically have one line of tracks or 2 between stations, as in for both directions, or use the same track?
Either really. I'm making this for a single track that branches to two locations. As long as the in-bound tracks all end up at the same place then it doesn't matter what sort of track structure you take.

The next part of the tutorial will be on track switching so that will be more relvant to this question. I've taken the screens but haven't processed them yet.

Originally Posted by Sorontar View Post
...I had trouble working out how to organise a looping track so that people could get off at a platform or get on. Does your design have separate departure and arrival platforms?
Yes. My design has different departure and arrival tracks. The arrival track allows you to get out before the cart is taken back into the dispenser. The departure track waits for you to be seated before sending you on your way.

Originally Posted by Sorontar View Post
I also had trouble with the boosters sometimes slowing the cart down depending on its speed. I think your booster design may improve it. I might have to go and change them sometime.
Yeah. Boosters can be a bit of a pain. I read that if a cart enters a booster area head-on (boosters on the same level) the result will be a bit of a slow down. If you hit the booster at an angle then this isn't a problem.
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