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Default How long should a fps story be?

I was reading an article about this. After Homefront alot of people complained about the shortness of the campaign, me being one of them. Hopefully theyll bring out some dlc to extend it a little. Im not really a fan of the whole episodic/dlc campaign thing theyve got going over the past few years. If your going to make a game make the whole game, dont make a bit of it release it then a few months later release a bit more. Outta the games ive played recently theres been nothing thats been amazing, homefront yeah it was quite good but wasnt great, bulletstorm, the gameplay was pretty cool, good old fashion trigger happy gun fights, the story it was pretty good, I've not played a game that hasnt had a but for awhile, you know its good but..... Games are to short these days and rely far to much on multiplayer keeping them going.
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