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run P1 run ... Their probably are people who do buy for SP but if that is the case are they wasting some serious dollars ? because the quality of the SP experience has certainly fallen away it is all about the MP ... I was in two minds over Homefront and after the last few games MW , MW2 , BFBC2 , Black Ops all so similar apart from the dedicated server fiasco of MW2 ... I spent quiet a few dollars on games and was disappointed with either SP or MP so didn't want to shell out more $$ for another clone type game without any teamwork or good MP or SP experience ...

I put so so many hours into BF2 and came no where near in any of the other urban war type games ... Out of the COD titles Black ops is the better one i think better but maybe they have learned over the last few.. ...

But in FPS Crysis 2 is the best so far graphically , gameplay , different style original .... Crysis set the benchmark for modern graphics but that games MP was so bad i still cringe yet it's SP was the best in its day and since nothing really has beaten it maybe Crysis 2 is the same as the reviews are showing with 8's and 9's ...

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