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Originally Posted by Binary-Ninja View Post
Crysis set the benchmark for modern graphics but that games MP was so bad i still cringe yet it's SP was the best in its day and since nothing really has beaten it maybe Crysis 2 is the same as the reviews are showing with 8's and 9's ...
I never played the MP for the the first Crysis, but I think you're right about the SP. It was an epic game. I played it through quite a few times.

I still buy FPS games for the SP first, MP second. Why? Two reasons. Firstly, I already own games that I love playing MP, and why would I want to get others? For something different maybe? (Hence why Crysis 2 won me over, apart from the graphics, unique gameplay and overall awesomeness). Secondly, the community. I will never go into paying $50 - $120 for a game just for MP because you never know how big the community is going to be, how many games you'll have to choose from, how much lag you get, all that stuff. There are too many unknowns (not that there isn't in a SP game either, but if you buy a game for SP and MP you're going to get more bang for your buck). Then after all that.... the game may just suck.

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