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Originally Posted by 2_islands View Post
Brilliant. I love seeing your quality control team in action.
That's a great way of putting it

Originally Posted by shock_ View Post
Great work. Very tidy I-pac wiring, good to see

Do you have a build thread on BYOAC or AussieArcade where I can salivate more?!
Thx for that mate I tired to keep it as tidy as I could.
I am a member at both of those sites as they were very helpful. ATM I haven't posted a build thread there because I really want to finish the whole machine (including the button decals). I hate reading the threads were the machine is not finished. If you pm your email I can send you more build pics or I will just let you know when I make a post there.

Originally Posted by Pure Mongrel View Post
What specs on the PC mate?
Honestly mate if you just want to run everything except the PC stuff, you don't really need a good computer at all.
Here are my specs and this runs sf4 nps
6400 core 2, Gigabyte 8800, 4 gig ram

Here are some photo's for you Mongrel


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