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Post 16bit happiness

Why is it that soundtracks these days don't seem to supercharge me like the old 8-16bit games did?
Here are some from my 4 favorite games ever.

First there was Rocket Knight Adventure

YouTube - Rocket Knight Adventures: Stage 6

YouTube - Rocket Knight Adventures Music - Stage 5-1

YouTube - Rocket Knight Adventures stage 7

And of course Megaman 3

YouTube - Mega Man 3 OST, T10: Top Man Stage (Spinning Greenhouse)

YouTube - Mega Man 3 Complete Works: Dr Wily´s Stages 2

Special props go to Symphony of the night which was the first track i remember listening to that changed when it cycled round the 2nd and third time.

YouTube - Castlevania - The Clock Tower

and last but not least my favorite of all time, which i catch myself humming when bored and always reminds me of epic. Wild Arms 3

YouTube - Wild Arms 3 Crossfire Sequence(Janus Theme)

hope that's not going overboard

Also i'm still not used to posting so when i can figure out how to paste videos directly in here i'll do tht instead... and not as many
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