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Default Just in case you doubted my geek credentials ...

So, in my infinite geekiness, I decided I needed to create a simple display that would record a counter incrementing. Just a simple 7 segment display. Easy, right? Just a little circuitry, sure. Only counting 0-7 and resetting to 0 based on a clock driven input.

Well ... here are the videos (thanks to Raennik for shooting them)

First, the counter at night - some day it needs an obsidian backdrop, but not yet.

Now, here is the clock generator, pulse limiter and counter

The convertor from the bits to the display characters

And the conversion from characters to the lcd segments

And finally a walk through of the whole thing.

All this for a display that counts 0 - 7 (and some day will count more)!! It is insanity.

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